Spontaneous Application (Lisbon)

Job description

Hey!! Sorry we don’t have a position for you at this moment. However, more than for filling specific job positions, we are constantly looking for talent.

If you’d like to work in Nmbrs one day, of course you can apply! Actually, even if you don’t have a specific position in mind and you’d simply like to get to know Nmbrs better, either because you have a very cool friend who told you about us, or because you feel that one day you’d like to join us, this is the right place for you to tell us something about you!

Of course, this is not a normal application. There are no well-defined procedures, no cover letters necessary and you can be creative with how you choose to apply. 😊 You can even send an email to hrteam@nmbrs.nl. We really want to know who you are!


We are looking for you if you… are a team player, smart and fun in your own way, have a sense of ownership, and have growth orientation. Mostly, if you are a humble and great person!