Technical Product Owner - Infrastructure

Job description

Nmbrs is growing. And with growth comes change, and with change comes challenges. We're looking for a Product Owner to embrace and contribute to our consistent growth by joining our Squad Infra.

Who we are

Nmbrs is a tight-knit family full of hard-working, passionate and dedicated professionals. We develop cutting edge software that provides our customers with the efficiency and control they need to give their employees the best possible HR and payroll services

Job Responsibilities

You will be part of our Squad Infra. Every squad is a self-steering team which takes full ownership of their part of the product. We are a manager free environment and you will collaborate with your colleagues to improve the product, prioritise your product backlog and improve the teamwork.

Squad infra is responsible for the infrastructure Nmbrs is running on. The infra squad makes sure our infrastructure is secure, stable and performative. Next to that, you own the CI/CD pipeline(s) and the tooling and services needed for the developers. Our full infrastructure is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Current Projects of Squad Infra:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Cloud Monitoring and cost reduction

Job Tasks

  • Manage the backlog of Infra: you’ll need to prioritise together with the team what needs to be done;
  • Listen to feedback and coordinate the needs and the concerns of everyone. Use this information to improve our methods and our product;
  • Coordinate and contact infrastructure partners within our financial framework;
  • Be able to balance the new features and the maintenance needed to the platform, and to balance the technical and business needs;
  • Be part of the day-to-day of your Squad and our Product Owner Chapter;
  • Understand the vision and the mission of Nmbrs and its impact on defining what needs to be done. Understand this impact and energise the team for this is also very important!;
  • Have a clear vision on further development and scaling of the cloud infrastructure to provide better stability, the best performance, zero-downtime deployments, (instant) automatic scaling, active-active solutions etc;
  • Safeguard the security levels of our infrastructure environment

The Tools you’ll use:

Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, ATM templates, Jira, Confluence, Slack, Zendesk, Loggly, Elmah, Retrace, Redgate, simpleKPI

Annual Salary Gross: 50k to 80k (working 40h per week)

Working at Nmbrs

We have no managers and all of the responsibilities that would fall on them, fall on everyone. This means that it’s everyone’s responsibility to give feedback, recognise our colleagues, address people when something is not right, give a helping hand in recruitment and make sure our surroundings are in order. We all work together to make Nmbrs a great product and a great place to work!

Perks and Benefits

  • A flat organisational structure that gives you the freedom to do what you do best;
  • You’re not alone in this. A personal coach is there to help you with your personal and professional growth;
  • We kick off the summer by bringing in all offices together for an amazing event at a very secret location that gets crazier each year;
  • We try to have some fun once all the work is finished. We partake in bouldering, have a couple of drinks on Friday or hit the town for a night out, grab our boards to catch some waves or get sweaty during a Crossfit session;
  • We have an apartment in Lisbon and in Amsterdam that every employee can use;
  • We ensure a healthy balance between your professional and personal life;
  • We’re a little different, not crazy. And we hope you are too.


  • You have experience working as a Product Owner, Tech Lead or Team Lead within an agile environment;
  • At least 3 years of experience in Cloud / Systems / DevOps / Security or Infrastructure engineering;
  • Broad experience with public cloud infrastructure: preferably Microsoft Azure 
  • Experience in negotiating priorities, features, and scope with your team and the stakeholders. You understand and know how important it’s to empathise and prioritise the needs and the concerns of everyone;
  • Affinity with development and operations. You understand the gap between these is just a mirage;
  • You have a product mindset. You understand how important it’s to think in scalability and performance when deciding the future of our product;
  • You are enthusiastic and you can’t wait to challenge yourself in preparing the Infrastructure to our HR/Payroll software;
  • Team spirit, proactiveness, the capacity of receiving and giving good feedback is something that you do normally in your professional life;
  • Energetic attitude and capacity of motivating and energising the people around you;
  • You’re fluent in English. Portuguese or Dutch are nice to have.
  • You live in the Netherlands